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Originally Posted by NativeSon View Post
Get ready for some smack talk.

it seems to me that every time Georgia has been ranked high, they've underperformed. They lose a few big games, people start calling for Richt's head, and then they come back and do just enough to save his job. year after year, it's the same pattern. It's why I have a hard time taking Georgia seriously.

SC could be contenders but they have a tough schedule. Garcia is finally gone . They have to play Arkansas, at LSU, at Florida, and at Clemson. The problem is that damn Clemson game. Even if they win out the east (and drop a game to LSU and Arkansas) they'd still have to play clemson the week before the SEC championship. To me, they either lose that game and go into the SEC championship depressed or win it and go in hung over. Either way, I don't see them beating the SECW champ.

That means in the east, it's down to Florida and Tennessee, and does Tennessee really have the depth? Florida still has a similar problem to SC because we have to go through FSU thanksgiving weekend, but Florida has two sleeper games the weekends before FSU. FSU has VT and Maryland. Even though the game is in Tallahassee, I think Florida wins. Florida State is like Georgia. Give them a preseason ranking in the single digits and they can't wait to drop a game to Wake Forest or Boston College. FSU won't be a factor.

I think Florida goes to the SEC championship game and loses, and gets a trip to the sugar bowl.

I'm with you on that prediction. I think people are seriously overlooking UF. Between UGA's underachieving HC and SC's overinflated ranking I think the Gators slip in. Oh and Tenner, they got a multitude of issues.
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