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Originally Posted by Anorak View Post
I get a hot tube ignition and a wick carburetor.

Ask Petefromberkeley what he used when he rode his R80 G/S around the world. A neutral switch is a good spare.
Huh? I haven't read this whole thing but... I used a Panasonic branded gel battery (same as Westco). I bought it prior to my ride in 2003 and it still works great today. And a high output voltage regulator, a super duper Thunderchild diode board grounded no less that three ways (and it burned out in Sudan- I carried the stock one as a spare and it is still in there). What else? A Bosch starter motor which was repaired and rebuilt in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey- that's still good.

Anything else was stock and did not fail.

p.s. It's an R-100
Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride. Hot as a pistol but cool inside.
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