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Originally Posted by Zecatfish View Post

Not sure they ever used the Hitachi carbs on the 1100, but if they did be prepared to trash them if they give problems, parts are nearly impossible to find.
One more thing, they two lines on the petcock one is actually vacuum cut off so when you shot the bike off, it stops the gas flow.
These bikes are getting old enough the diaphrams in the petcocks are going bad it lets it leak gas into the vacuum port on the manifold.
If you develop this issue MikesXS sells a regular petcock with on/off/reserve as these should have had.

Nice work.
Thanks All!

this particular bike has Mikuni carbs, but I do plan on going to a different petcock setup when I fab up a whole new tank for the bike in the coming months.

Nothing has really changed on it other than the odometer has some more miles and man is this thing a hoot!
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Originally Posted by v8toilet
Of course the bike doesn't exist, this entire forum is here because the right bike doesn't exist but the right people do, and they make the trip anyway.
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