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Day 2

DAY 2: 704 Miles. Moab, UT to Fallon, NV (60 miles east of Reno, NV).

We got out of Moab around 4:30 or 5 in an attempt to get ahead of the heat.

Was pretty nice for the first couple of hours with huge views of uniquely Utah views of the desert. Saw a guy in a blue Rallye suit on an HP2 on the 1-70 near Green River. Was loaded pretty light though. Anyone on here?

Ran across this old gas station before we got on US 50. What this picture doesn't show is the leaking bottle of octane booster I brought along because of rumors of gas stations such as these with no premium for my delicate BMW 91+ engine. This would turn out to be bad intel, at least for the places we stopped.

From this pleasant scene we start to grind away on the loneliest road in America, US 50. This is what the majority of it looked like:

Huge basins bordered by endless ridgelines. Over one then into the next basin. Then repeat.

I'm attempting the IBA national parks tour and it's on this day that I check Nevada off the list with a stop at Great Basin National Park. The park has so many breathtaking views and attractions that it was hard to narrow it down to just one picture to truly represent our experience there. This is the winner though:

Yup. The view from the visitors center where we were eating a very light lunch as we weren't exactly craving chicken fired steaks in the hot Nevada desert. I had been to Great Basin before and remember it kind of sucking last time too. Maybe it's cool at night when you can see the stars, or if you visit the caves. Oh well, I got my passport stamps for the IBA NPT.

There's really not a whole lot else to say abuot US 50 other than it's long and desolate. I think 138 miles in between any signs of civilization was the longest stretch.
Pretty cool dry lake beds like Bonneville:

Suprisingly though, the DR was able to cruise around 75-80. I had ridden the DR a couple times back in NM just to keep the battery fresh and make sure everything was good to go for this trip. That thing genuinely scared the shit out of me a couple times on the highway at speeds as mind-blowing as 75. The thing would start a nice easy head shake that could easy turn into a fullblown tank slapper. I would intentionally try to induce this headshake just to see if it was really that bad () and the thing would just start shaking. I thought for sure we'd be cruising at 65 all the way to Oregon. Turns out the bags and load really helped settle the DuR650 down.

We began to look for other options instead of Reno since we didn't want to be riding in the dark. We ended up finding a hotel room in Fallon, NV and met up with "shit-show Benny" that night.

Ended up being just a hair over 700 miles. The GS worked like a champ. I had an airhawk on (ya...ya i know) and that made a tremendous difference as that stock seat is good for about 15 minute stretches at a time. Felt like I could do 1000 in a day with not too much drama.

Realize this wasn't the most riveting day to report, but Day 3 gets a little more interesting. More to follow.
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