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Originally Posted by malignity View Post
Stock dirt bike. Lol. What planet are you from?

In all actuality, my bike is stock, engine and chassis wise. Seat, tank, guards, not so much. It's a 400, honestly, there's not a ton that needs to be done to it. Other than possibly rejetting it depending on how the plug looks, the only other upgrades i would consider would be possibly a stabilizer and oil cooler.
You hit upon a clear issue between bikes and the need...or at least the real mod a given bike. Bikes that cost $8000-$10,000 or more shouldn't really need a ton of mods, should they? My '06 KLX250S bought used...cost about $5000 new...was in need of suspension work and uncorking the smog, intake, and exhaust issues for anything approaching a relatively heightened off road performance. Many are happy as clams with the stock bike, but many of those riders don't really need a better performing off road bike for their needs. I don't think you can throw a big blanket over the issue of modding bikes and the attendant reliability. There are loads of exceptions and issues. The dual sport category in particular is full of bikes that are blatantly in or very close to the obsolete category and are often in need of some mods to make them perform at a more acceptable level for more discriminating riders. The dual sport category is also one that is hard for manufacturers to put their fingers on and hit the bullseye with any certainty. We want DS bikes to do so much so well, and we want it cheaply. I'd contend that requires compromises that don't fill the bill for many of us. And to top it off, these DS bikes are required to meet strict emission regs that can further diminish the needed/wanted performance for many riders.
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