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In the interest of time, I decided it was best to load the 950 into my 1994 Toyota T-100 and drive it west. We would meet at Steve's place in Colorado Springs.

The first day, from where I live in Dawsonville, GA, I drove 1100 miles and stopped somewhere in Kansas.

But along the way, I passed through a town I couldn't NOT visit: Metropolis, IL. Home of Superman. Aaaand... that's about all they have going for it. This statue was pretty rad, though.

Things didn't get much interesting between Metropolis and Colorado Springs. Part of the reason I didn't RIDE the 950 out there is because I used to live in Omaha... I had no interest in riding across KANSAS. I did see some cool stuff though like this abandoned motel that had my attention. If this was back east, they would have destroyed it totally or at least barricaded it off so you couldn't TRESPASS. This was a recurring theme I noticed about west v/s east. People out west are a LOT more chill about things. People around here are uppity yuppies for the most part. Anyway... the motel...

Storm off in the distance while I was taking pics. I had forgotten what Great Plains storms were all about. They are BIG as is everything out there. Love them.

I got going again and came to another fantastic storm in the distance, before seeing the windmill farm along the freeway. I have seen these things before, mostly up around Coal Creek in Tennessee. NOTHING like the size of these farms. This stuff went on forever and made the scenery way better (IMO). I would pass through another one in Texas on the way home at night.... that was very cool too.

The 950 wants OUT!

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