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After more of I70, I got off on HWY 40 in Oakley, KS. The signs state this to be the fastest way to CO Springs. I have my doubts as to the integrity of that sign.

There are some interesting farming towns and actually the road is really nice at first. It eventually deteriorates and as you turn onto HWY 94 in CO it is utter crap.

My excitement built up when I hit this sign:

But then it was more of KANSAS only it was now called COLORADO. I believe eastern CO might actually be MORE boring than KS. You just keep waiting to see mountains. Eventually your eyes play tricks on you and you think things like CLOUDS are them. But they are not. And the boredom continues.

Eventually, though, you DO see some mtns start to rise up. Just happened to be I was behind this Son of Anarchy and his girl, whose shirt just wouldn't stay down. ATGATT, darlin'.

A few more "first contact" shots...

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