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Lucky can probably fill in a few more pics here. Basically, though, we met each other and stayed at the Motel 6 in Colorado Springs for the night, stocked up on a few supplies, and headed out for dinner at Phantom Canyon Brewery on Steve's advice. It was pretty good. Bartender did a good job of ignoring us (we didn't have horn-rimmed glasses on) but we had a good time and the building was really cool.

One thing to note here is that it rained the night we drove downtown for dinner. CO does not believe in street lights, road reflectors, or proper paint stripes. The whole way downtown I could't see jack or shit and it was pretty dangerous, I would have hated to have been riding.

Anyway, the next day we met Steve's wife and ditched the trucks.

I also want to say I bought Steve Larson's book "Motorcycling Colorado" and the Butler Map of CO. These are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone planning a trip out there. I almost didn't buy the book but I am glad I did. Use the 2 of those items together and it was great.

Heading out from Steve and Kristy's place... it didn't take long to find cool stuff. First up was Garden of the Gods. Its a free park to the public, its was crowded, even on a rainy weekday, but very cool and unlike anything I had seen.

Lucky is impressed, I can tell. And I am too.

Then we hit was Old Stage Rd and Gold Camp Rd to the old mining town of Victor. We dodged rain all day. I know these folks needed it badly so I'm not going to complain about it at all.

Old Stage and Gold Camp are really scenic, easy riding dirt roads. A great introduction to Colorado and a good warm up. Along the way we came up on this old train tunnel... one of the original 9 that hasn't fallen apart, according to Steve's book, and over 110 years old. It was very cool.

Lucky about to enter.

The view from the opposite way.

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