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Originally Posted by chazbird View Post
Can't skate or ski - lousy at it. Tried it way back with the metal wheels, then the clay wheels, the poly wheels, still lousy, but its cool, whatever the age.

But about 10 years ago I saw this in San Francisco. A guy on a board coming down a hill at about 20 mph, neither looking left or right nor preparing in any way he goes right through a red light intersection, threading just after and just before an on-coming car with no change to his straight line, neither driver saw him so there was no car drama. The guy's expression or posture didn't change one bit through the whole episode, just completely blase...and for some reason he was carrying from his right arm a light weight dining chair, like those they used for lion taming.
I was in SF with my wife a few weeks ago and I saw two guys flying down Point Lobos Ave by Lands End. With all the traffic in and out of the parking lots there I figured they were on borrowed time, but they just weaved through and kept going. One of them was filming it.

No lion-tamer chairs, though...
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