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Im completely against stock bikes, I am a big bloke, I need to do suspension, gearing, and up the engines output to feel like its doing what I want it to do, I would most likely give up riding or 4wheeling cos nothing out of the factory is good enough, everything needs modding to make it go good, why cant you buy a bike already fitted with highflow exhaust and high ouput stators and hd springs

on the other hand, I know poeple half my weight and height that leave their bikes stock, cos it works perfectly for them and they still have something that needs doing or replacing, reliability hasnt changed

doing practical mods does not make a bike unreliable, riding it day in day out,throwing it on the ground and not maintaining it makes it unreliable and occasional brakedowns well, something you just cant foresee or control, all new machines suffer something going wrong at some time, recalls, warranty?
current bikes : 01 XR 650R and 03 ktm 525exc, I cant decide one has to go, arraahhgg Both went I now saddle a Berg fe 570, beastie
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