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Originally Posted by Incredulous View Post
I think a lot of people that don't know what they are doing screw up their bikes by doing mods they don't understand and do not have the skill to pull it off.
Yup. While working at a bike dealership I've seen people bring in bikes with exhaust and no fuel mods and ask me why it runs so bad. Running a bike lean like that is not good for engine internals and it happens far more often than you would think.

My TL1000 was modded pretty heavily when I got it and for the first 2 years of riding it I was constantly discovering bugs due to the previous owners poor workmanship.

My plan with the XL was to leave it stock but it's so soft and sloppy for a guy who weights 200lbs that I almost have no choice but to. Not a big deal though considering it's just a simple air cooled single cylinder bike. Reliability may be hindered to a point but at least it's cheap and relativity easy to work on. Unlike like the TL.

I'm planning on getting a new or newer bike within a year or so. It will be something that fits me properly, has the performance I'm looking for, and in turn I will be inclined to leave it very stock. Not to mention a stock bike has much better resale value. Half the time dealerships don't even want really modded up bike on trade.
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