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Take a gear head when looking for old cars, truck, boats, bikes.
Look at a bunch of 40 year old wore out junk. Watch there eyes light up when they find something that is stock and un-molested. Sure the battery has been changed, the battery hold down is wrong or missing, all the plastic is cracked. But all the real gear heads I know get excited when they find something that just wore out and wasn't modded to death. To that there is something to leaving it alone.

I bought my KLR back in the end of '99 in a bit of a crisis, I needed good transportation at that moment. I left it bone stock. Upgraded as it wore (tires, chain, sprockets, battery, doohicky, etc.) Lost one fuse due to a design flaw and the element got a stress crack, replaced the fuse with another glass fuse with a different element shape and have been fine ever since. I did not fall into the "cut out all those crappy fuses and put in another design of crappy fuse and have more wire splices that can go bad" that so many others get brain washed into.

I am a gear head at heart (built multiple vehicles, engines, strokers, engine swaps that when done actually looked stock even though it was never offered that way. Generally V8s into stuff that didn't offer a V8. And when the KLR was no longer a necessary transportation requirement and was placed into the toy catagory I did change out the exhaust for something that didn't chirp like an old VW.

I do see plenty of good value in "stock". I have seen plenty of stuff for sale that lists $x,xxx in upgrades, in the end it sells for about what something that had $0 in upgrades added to it.

For my current daily driver I had 2 options. Get the stripper and add all the stuff or get it loaded. Got it loaded and have not touched anything. Guess what, it all works perfect like someone spent millions of dollars engineering it to all work together just right. Aftermarket upgrades I would still be sorting out trying to get everything to all play happy. Even then it will never all really work together.

My next bike I am looking around for what has everything just how I want it. Yes I could go for a cheaper model and add all the parts. I have the abality to do it. But after many years of dealing with it I find it better just to spend the money up front and get it right out of the box and enjoy the ride instead of spending all the time and money screwing with the ride.
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