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Originally Posted by brucifer View Post
Hey Jim! I would take your cylinder in to a machine shop and have them measure it. Just because it looks good doesn't mean it's in spec.
Maybe I'm just weird about things like this but I would replace all the bearings in your bottom end. The last two XR600s I built got all new bearings, new connecting rod, overbored piston etc. I guess I just feel since your in that far, might as well put new stuff in so you won't ever (hopefully) have to worry about anything going south.

The original engine from my '84 XL600 had about 22,000 miles on it when it lost a mainshaft bearing. Not real common but it happens. How many miles on your engine?
That's sound advice Brucifer. I've got to say that even as I wrote my last post I was thinking 'oh yeah, as if you're going to stop now!'

I've got access to good measuring equipment at work so I can check the cylinder and piston there. I'll price up the bearings and I might as well factor in a full gasket set and seals too.

So the shopping list so far is...

Full gasket set
Oil seals
Decompressor cam and spring
Piston circlip
Crankshaft/clutch casing oil seal and circlip

Does anyone have a spare set of carbs-to-airbox rubber hoses, actually it's only the left hand one I need?

Are there any essential or worthwhile mods to do while I'm in this far? I did read something about an oil pump upgrade from an XR650 I think... from one of Ghost Mutant's posts in this thread.
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