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Originally Posted by jbcaddy View Post
thanks for those cool photos! JB
Cheers Just wandering thru/ough search terms & putting those things that interest me to one side (here) for later consideration, like this one...

A 1.5 litre 2 stroke, which I'm guessing is two TZ750 engines grafted together* for drag racing? I'm endlessly fascinated by such aberrations, which are way beyond me.

I've never been into drag racing, tho/ough I'll watch it if there's nothing else on the motorsports channels. I only went to a live event once, and I can see the appeal of the fire & screaming engines close up, but on this occasion the first run of the day resulted in the strip being covered in oil, which took ages to clear up. The second run was a jet car which went off the end of the strip & into a ploughed field, again causing massive delays. And after all that waiting the third run resulted in a car taking out the timing equipment at the quarter mile and so that was it for the day

Never went again.

Broadly speaking what I'm doing is hitting various obscure search terms, and then scrolling thru/ough from the bottom up to see the less obvious results first, and then sticking up anything that catches my eye for later consideration. It's always interesting to see what solutions have been applied, and what's possible that never would otherwise cross my mind, like using a K series bevel box on an airhead...

* Or perhaps more probably four TZ350s?
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