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Bike that scooterist may like

Other than SYM being the manufacture of the above linked bike (SYM wolf classic 150) it really has no relation to a scooter. It does though have an attraction to it that may appeal to some scooter pilots wanting to move up/over to the bike world. It reportedly gets scooterish mpg from its 150cc four stoke motor. It is lightweight and shouldn't intimidate newbs, women, etc. Is affordable and for those not secure enough in their manhood to pilot a scooter it will give you the cool retro bike look. The true scooterist would have to give up storage and learn to clutch and change gears
I currently own a yamaha zuma 125 and have no current desire to buy one of these, but just thought I would post it over here to see what you guys think. I also cross posted in "thumpers" but I think the SYM name and 150cc doesn't appeal to many. My local SYM dealer has one on the floor, but I have never paid it any attention. Next time I go in I will check it out.

The good news out of this is it appears SYM is finally back in business in the US with a growing network of dealers.
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