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Just experienced a sad thing. Starter wont run. Turns out to be an uncharged battery. This is due to a broken regulator (The aluminium thingie next to the horn) Replaced it and all was fine until today. The battery is not charged enough to turn the starter but fuelpump and all other gadgets work just fine. My conclusion is: Alternator broke down again.. :-( . I will replace it but it is likely to break down again if i can not find the source of my trouble. What say you? Battery?, Stator?....

I also have charging problems. It suddenly stopped charging when driving in rain (noticed that the rev counter stopped working since it uses the pulses from the alternator) and i found a melted connector to the regulator/rectifier under the tank.
I fixed that and the rev counter works again but it does not charge the battery.
How did you find out that your regulator was broken?
What did you pay for a new one?
Does anyone have the values to measure the alternator wireings to find out where my problem is?
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