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I had one of those - great touring bike. I got mine after the owner dropped it in his gravel driveway and it slid into the fence slightly bending the forks. His wife made him sell it and it went very cheap as no-one wanted a non-runner. $40 for fork tube straightening later it was back on the road. It was a very good bike and one of my favourites over the years; handled well for the time, comfortable, great for pillioning, fitted my BMW Krauser bags as well, grunty engine, stone reliable and decent fuel consumption. I had no problems at all with mine apart from a noisy timing chain that started about the 40,000 mile mark.

When I eventually sold it on consignment through one of the local dealers it was illegally seized as floor stock by the receiver when the shop suddenly went bankrupt after one of the staff had been embezzling the funds. Took many months to get it back.
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