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I agree, weight would be the downside of ammo cases. But for us 'little people', (160#) weight is not as big an issue for me as volume. For camping / fishing trips (my primary purpose for this tiger) one is hauling lots of relatively light, but bulky, items. I can stuff toploaders a lot easier than my side loaders (regardless of brand) , and strap the 75L Sealine bag over the top - good to go. Perhaps if I got more organized... ? Anyway, I have sideloaders on my girlie - work great for road trips. It's a lot like tire choices - & really about what you're going to use the machine for. I've had Cariboo cases & liked em' - were good frame pucks too - slide well, instead of catching on rocks like metal. But just couldnt pack em tight enough for my needs / purposes.
After I striped some unnecessary handles off the ammo cases they each weighed in at 18lbs. Happy trails site lists the weight of their similarly sized box at 12.5lbs. I can live with that difference.
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