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Originally Posted by hondachopper View Post
Fuckin insane! That video where you turned camera on to yourself was cool beans. To see a live person on bike barreling down the TAT is different than seeing nothing but miles of roads and land. That human touch was a cool idea!

Damn...I'm getting all hot, sweaty and bothered now. Fuck...

Pennymiler---did you say something about next year???

Wheels are turning in my head now...

Dang Elmer---you're a bad influence on all of us armchair dreamers!

Ride on my friend---what your doing at this moment is the stuff that dreams are made.

Hi Tom...hear Maryland is hot as hell...BUT you gotta feel the heat here, ya get baked, ya get cramps, ya get monkey butts if you don't stand up occassionally to cool your nuts you'll sterilize em' . My goal was to reach Colorado, period! Go half way and do the other half another time with a proper that you guys?? .

Yeah like you said above about dreams..

My adventure has no doubt left me with great memories for life and stories I can tell my children and grandchildren. I can feel the trails are leaving me wiser, more patient, and with a tiny bit more focus on the things that matter.

And now to do this..................

To do this trip you will need...

1-a sense of ridiculousness
2- buns of steel
3- the occassional desire to get away from people
4- at least a month
5- not much else I can think of..$$$, maybe!

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