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Originally Posted by cyclingtom View Post
After I striped some unnecessary handles off the ammo cases they each weighed in at 18lbs. Happy trails site lists the weight of their similarly sized box at 12.5lbs. I can live with that difference.
The seahorse cases are a little small, but I have all lightweight backpack gear and like to go as light as possible from my days on dualsports. Anyway, they are 7lbs each. I think my whole cargo for camping off the bike is about 50lbs.

EDIT: BTW, since this is a Tiger Pannier thread I'll post this here...
I just fit a Leo Vince exhaust and the forward clamp for the Happy Trails racks goes right where the head pipe for the muffler is. THEY WON'T WORK TOGETHER. I even tried shimming out the lower part of the exhaust system, various spacers on the top mount - nada. Can't make them fit. Guess I'm returning the LV can. Dayammm....
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