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Originally Posted by 2fast4u View Post
Man some of you guys get bent out of shape . I buy and sell bikes and i would not buy a new ANY BRAND bike you will yake a beating. BMW are expensive but have great resale (the GS) The Ninja is cheap and the parts are to but you have to ha e the time, skill, tools and when your done its worth what $4000. Just saying you can buy and ride a USED GS ride it a couple years and only cost you a couple grand when you sell it. I have a rat ninja and its not a weekend build. No hard feelings just my opinion.
Originally Posted by jdrocks View Post
not really. BMW has a loyal following, no problem here...ride on.

it's just interesting when i read a current ride report where the guy's new bike falls off the center stand, snaps off a mirror, and the repair cost is $2000.

the V649 could fall off a freakin' cliff and not do $2000 damage. the whole cost of the rat is 35% the cost of a broken mirror on the other bike.
$2000 mirror? Maybe i don't have a clue.
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