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Tumbler Ridge continued

Ok, so sorry for the delay, but the baby is due tomorrow, so there was a few things I had to get done first.

We left off here.

Actually, it was down the hiil back at the Core Lodge road. I had previously thought that I really needed to be heading out back to the highway and towards Chetwynd (where I thought I might spend the night) but for some reason I went south instead of north when I hit the road.

Not that is was an accident; I just felt like exploring a bit more.

Maybe that's why sometimes I like riding alone. You don't need to have plans, and if you make one, it doesn't have to make sense.

Either way it was 7 pm or so and I was heading south towards Kinuseo Creek. In my mapbook, I had seem a mountain called the Terminator, and--I mean--who could resist checking that out.

So on I went. Past the mine there was no one at all, so it was peaceful and the sun was getting low enough to make the mountains glow. The "road' also changed dramatically as it was not graveled anymore, but a drying muddy track.

This was just after the mine. The track to the right is a new (and short) trail to a exploration site.

It was fun riding though. You could tell that they (whoever they are) had just started remaking the grade (as the snow had only gone this week.) It was an usually late spring this year.

As it turns out, the road repair only lasted a couple kms and washouts were appearing where the snow melt had overrun the grade.

I should mention that, even though I am too cheap to buy a GPS, my camera has one. My wife's camera, actually. I dropped her last one while standing on the roof of the van taking this picture on the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk.

Honestly, I didn't even know there was such a thing, but I love it. The GPS enabled model was on sale (making it $20 cheaper then the direct replacment for the one I broke) so that's what I bought her, not realizing how handy it would be for things such as ADV ride reports.

For instance, I know that that last picture was taken exactly here:

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Anyways, the road winded and climbed it's way up the Babcock Creek Valley until we were starting to find snow. You can't see it too well, but there is a sign on that tree indicating that following this cutline to the ridge in the backrground will lead you up to the Terminator.

From here you could hike the ridge, or run it, like these guys did.

Looks like you could do a loop if you wanted.

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Starting to be in sub-alpine territory now.

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