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Cool2 Further clarification...

Originally Posted by RockyDS View Post
I agree except wearable items like fork seals wouldn't be covered unless they were actually faulty.

Just to further address the seal issue...

Fork seals are *NOT* considered "wearable items" when it comes to warranty coverage, any more than any engine seals, final drive seals, wheel bearing seals, etc. would be. Any oil seal should, in theory, at least last the life of the vehicle's warranty period, fork seal or otherwise. And Yamaha apparently is pretty confident of their various seals to offer up to 4 extra years of warranty coverage (a total of 5 years with the initial warranty period) with *NO* mileage limit.

But then again, let's not forget that *ANY* extended warranty - even when it is the original manufacturer's extension of the original vehicle warranty - is no more than a simple insurance policy. They run their projected failure tables, figure out what their projected total outlay for warranty repairs over the scheduled period, take that figure and divide it by projected number of units sold, and then come up with a net cost figure they can live, take a profit margin on that, and sell the "extended warranty"... Simple as that. Yamaha is simply *betting* that the amount they take in for extra extended warranty coverage will more than cover any repair costs they have to pay out to dealers for resolution of warranty claims.

And believe me, there is also the same "bet" figured into the price you pay for the bike for that first year of warranty coverage, too.

And the best part for Yamaha is they get their *retail* price from the dealer on both the bikes and the extended warranty coverage Y.E.S packages sold. In other words, the poor dealer has to pay Yamaha whatever wants to charge, both for the unit and the additional warranty coverage packages... Your dealer doesn't get to haggle or bargain. Think about that the next time you try to grind the poor dealer down to the last nickel on something he has to get from the factory...

The only person you are hurting is the dealer, and maybe yourself if the dealer can't maintain a decent profit margin and ends up going out of business. Yamaha has already gotten their *full retail* from the dealer in the form of the dealer cost he has to pay.

Just food for thought...



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