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Here's a screen grab of a friend's house I shot the other day, using the tricopter I posted a few pages back.

Lots of friends have said, "Wow, that's really cool! I bet people would pay for that!"

Sorry if this is 205, but...

It got me to thinking and searching on the web, without a whole lot of luck. It seems the FAA has no problem with hobbyists doing this sort of thing, but wants to get involved whenever money changes hands. Now I can see them wanting to regulate UAV's the size of a Cessna (or larger) operating from airports and using the same airspace as commercial flights. But an R/C toy hovering at most 100 feet off the ground in front of a house?

I can understand that there must be guidelines for safety and privacy. I get that. But I don't think requiring a commercial pilot's license to fly an R/C heli is the right answer.

Is anyone out there doing R/C aerial photography for hire? What kind of help or hindrance have you found with the FAA or local authorities? What kind of permits or insurance do you need?
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