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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post
The only person you are hurting is the dealer, and maybe yourself if the dealer can't maintain a decent profit margin and ends up going out of business. Yamaha has already gotten their *full retail* from the dealer in the form of the dealer cost he has to pay.
Yeah but... how is this different from any other retail business? Doesn't every retailer pay a cost for an item, and then choose what to sell it for? Whether they choose to have a huge markup or not, or whether they choose to negotiate or not, none of this affects the cost they paid.

I fail to see how haggling "only hurts the dealer", if they're getting 'hurt', they're doing it wrong. I mean, no matter how hard I try to grind a dealer, what they choose to sell it to me for, is just that, their choice. If they go out of business for not making enough profit margin, how is that anyone's fault but their own?

All that being said, I'm not much of a negotiator. If I want something, I buy it. I'll call around (or search online) to find the best price, and I may even ask if they can do any better, but that's it. No grinding from me.
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