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Today was mixed. Got up early after having dreamed that I had an OBE, boy, I wish. Then I ran to Walmart to get better oil for Spirit. I couldn't find the disposable oil bags, but the guy at the Honda shop said I could change my oil there and use their pan. I decided to check my filter (stainless) and found tons of crud in it, AGAIN!

I really can't figure it out, it was fine for a while. It must be the clutch is what one of the mechanics there said. He said not to worry and just run it.
Yep, I wouldn't know what else to do anyway.

Then I ran back to the motel and had 20 minutes to get out of there.
My dad, again, sent me some money as I haven't heard about the GoalZero job yet. I tell ya, it's gonna take me some time to pay him back, even though he doesn't want me to I will.
It was getting scorching hot in Durango, and I finally left at noon to go ride the Milllion dollar Hwy.

road work (guess that's why the $1,000,000

I met another biker a few days ago, who told me the road was scary, so I was a tad apprehensive riding it, but really! Guess I must have toughened up a tad.
Some parts though it does not pay to have vertigo.
All in all it was a great road to ride.

Right now I am in Ridgeway again, so now comes the question, what to do.
I would really like to go to WestFest, but that's another week, and I don't want to hang around here for a week.
So maybe I'll head to Kansas tomorrow and turn around if I decide to go to WestFest. It's only a couple of days away from Hutchinson.
Even though I love my Spirit, I have gotten to the point of expecting something else to go wrong. That's not a good way to feel.
Got to get past that, and just trust that she will be okay. Hopefully I will be able to accept what comes my way as far as Spirit is concerned.
Peace everyone!
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