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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post

The only person you are hurting is the dealer, and maybe yourself if the dealer can't maintain a decent profit margin and ends up going out of business. Yamaha has already gotten their *full retail* from the dealer in the form of the dealer cost he has to pay.

Just food for thought...

Originally Posted by Mikef5000 View Post

All that being said, I'm not much of a negotiator. If I want something, I buy it. I'll call around (or search online) to find the best price, and I may even ask if they can do any better, but that's it. No grinding from me.

I see this as a "what's fair" issue.

I have seen may great local people, and by that I mean modest establishments, great backup, honest service etc go out because they can't compete on initial sales price with the "big box" Lexus driving guy with the marble floors 100Km away.

Now I get to drive 25 - 100Km round trips for all kinds of things which frankly just makes my life harder.

BUT I am not the kind of person that gets all misty eyed by a dude in a suit sitting in a marble clad office with a Lexus parked outside. All I see there is a lot of money spent on things other than service and backup.

But at the same time, I expect value of some kind. Over the years I have given my money to people who back up my reasonable priced purchase and like Mike, I have done the homework and just ask what's the best you can do?

I usually found a bit of a "Marble index" out there. Usually the more marble, the less the establishment is inclined to be genuine and tend to rely on the service department to charge for things that don't seem to have been done.

Luckily for me the "local" YAMAHA place has no marble and work out of a modest establishment and are decent people, and efficient and honest.

That index works every time.
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