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Originally Posted by Nytelyte View Post
Kolsch is RUINED. Tastes like nasty aftertasted skunk water, gonna dump it unless someone knows a magic trick. Blonde is a little skunky, I might make it a 3rd or 4th beer and see how it goes, it might get the drain too. Wee heavy probably ruined, it was HOT in the fridge, I've not tasted it yet, its back in the closet, will get bottled probably soon.

Try copper piping it in the keg.

Take some copper pipe (clean/new) and clean and sanitize it. Pop your keg (if a Corny) and stand the copper pipe in there with the lid sealed for a bit. Then repressurize and let it stand cold for awhile, then I'd probably sample, and vent the CO2 again and repressurize it.

The one against the wall in the pic is being degassed, then it will be sweetened and bottled.

I've been fermenting these batches with temps in the mid to upper 90's. They're in a cool corner, but I've seen temps in the high 80's.
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