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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post
Except that everybody I've ever known who has had a fork seal go leaking during the warranty period has had them replaced free-of-charge - on several brands. Even some on these forums with Super Tenere's have had their fork seals replaced under warranty already.

I know when I was a Honda dealer we always replaced leaking fork seals under warranty, unless it was an MX bike that didn't have a warranty, etc.

Just my experience... YMMV, I guess on how customer service oriented your dealer is.


I agree they should replace them under warranty but let me tell you my experience, as you know I traveled to Alaska but even before I got there, we attended the gathering in Whitehorse, Yukon of Teneres.
We did some nice riding, I think you might have seen some of the pictures, there will be much more soon in my blog but on one of the rides in really muddy and nasty stuff both my fork seals started leaking.
When I got back to Whitehorse, Yukon Yamaha told me they would not cover them under warranty because they are considered wearable items, they even told me they called Yamaha USA to see if they would cover them and according to them they WOULD NOT.
Keep in mind I paid the $600 for the extended warranty and they still refused to cover them I'm pretty pissed off.

I really didn't abuse the bike, simply rode in muddy terrain, isn't that what the Super Tenere was designed for??

I'm sure they covered Nick Sanders leaky seals but that's because they didn't want bad publicity

Well, I have a blog and I'm sure Yamaha wouldn't like me to bash them for something as cheap as fork seals.....

I will see what my dealer says when I get back to NJ.

By the way, I tried to clean the seals with tape and a piece of plastic film and they stopped leaking but I'm going to have them checked because I don't know how much oil I lost

I'm still in British Columbia.

Some of the roads in Alaska

Want mud

One more thing, I installed a set of Heidenau K60's before this trip and after 7000 miles the rear was gone, I had to make a detour to Calgary to have a new Heidenau installed, couldn't find a dealer anywhere else
Must have been the rough gravel and the kind of riding I was doing
I'm sure the speeds, way above the speed limits, didn't help either

I'm now in Sparwood, British Columbia for the night, camping, tomorrow I will do Glacier National Park and then head home
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