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Pissed I'd be pissed, too...

Originally Posted by Goldie05 View Post
I agree they should replace them under warranty but let me tell you my experience, as you know I traveled to Alaska but even before I got there, we attended the gathering in Whitehorse, Yukon of Teneres.
We did some nice riding, I think you might have seen some of the pictures, there will be much more soon in my blog but on one of the rides in really muddy and nasty stuff both my fork seals started leaking.
When I got back to Whitehorse, Yukon Yamaha told me they would not cover them under warranty because they are considered wearable items, they even told me they called Yamaha USA to see if they would cover them and according to them they WOULD NOT.
Keep in mind I paid the $600 for the extended warranty and they still refused to cover them I'm pretty pissed off.

I really didn't abuse the bike, simply rode in muddy terrain, isn't that what the Super Tenere was designed for??

I'm sure they covered Nick Sanders leaky seals but that's because they didn't want bad publicity

Well, I have a blog and I'm sure Yamaha wouldn't like me to bash them for something as cheap as fork seals.....

I will see what my dealer says when I get back to NJ.

By the way, I tried to clean the seals with tape and a piece of plastic film and they stopped leaking but I'm going to have them checked because I don't know how much oil I lost

That well and truly sucks, Goldie. Seriously sucks, big time. I'd be royally pissed, too!

If you run into another dealer that tells you something like the same story ask them if they would say the same thing if it were a rear shock seal that started leaking... Or a final drive seal... Or any other seal on the bike that keeps oil inside and dirt and the elements out. Then ask them for a copy of the complete warranty policies and conditions, and see if it says anything, anywhere about seals be exempt. Sure, an uncooperative dealer could *try* and claim that a seal was a "normal maintenance item", but then ask them exactly where in the service manual is the mileage or time schedule for the regular maintenance and replacement interval of a fork seal.

If they try to hold your feet to some imaginary fire it sometimes helps to remind them that the only "normal maintenance items" and parts subject to "normal wear and tear" are those listed in the regular maintenance schedule pages, along with tires. If anything else fails prior to the end of the warranty period it is subject to warranty compensation.

Again, though... As I have mentioned before, it's really up to the dealer. Either you get a bad one who is lazy and doesn't care a femto-whit about customers, or you find who is smart enough to know that his paycheck walks in and out the door on two feet, and will go to bat for the customer first and foremost. When I was a dealer I always tried to side with the customer. After all, the customer is the guy who paid me - not the factory. All the factory did was take money from me in one way or another. It's too bad that so many dealers forget that simple reality.

A bigger one is that the customers in the world can easily exist without either each manufactuer or their dealers, but neither the manufacturers or the dealers can exist without the world's customers.



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