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Originally Posted by petefromberkeley View Post
Huh? I haven't read this whole thing but... I used a Panasonic branded gel battery (same as Westco). I bought it prior to my ride in 2003 and it still works great today. And a high output voltage regulator, a super duper Thunderchild diode board grounded no less that three ways (and it burned out in Sudan- I carried the stock one as a spare and it is still in there). What else? A Bosch starter motor which was repaired and rebuilt in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey- that's still good.

Anything else was stock and did not fail.

p.s. It's an R-100
thanks for dropping in and sharing that most valuable information. so what spare parts did you carry besides the diode board? starter on R80G/S is getting refreshed before taking off on any long trips.

tried starting R80G/S 3 days ago... normally one short crank does it.... dead .. yup a dead battery.
R80G/S is the test mule, so been switching batteries around.

for the last few months, battery on R80G/S Shorai LFX36L3-BS12... Not a single problem until now. measured volts was down to 6.5v ... not good..

charged battery very carefully. recovering from such low discharge conditions requires reforming cells.
initially charged at .01C with HP regulated power supply. volts and amps was adjusted barely above what LiFePO4 battery would accept as battery slowly came back up.

after Shorai LFX36 finally came back up to 12.85v. then switched to Powerlab 8 with balance board for charging duties. next phase was to form cells at .5C which brought battery back up to about 18% charged condition. then charged battery at 1C (12 amps) until battery finally accepted charge to 3.65v per cell.

Shorai LFX36 recovered from a total discharged condition of 6.5V to a fully charged 14.2v.
after letting battery rest overnight... measured 13.35v ... repeated charge to 3.65v per cell. measured 14.19v after charging.

repeated process of resting and charging for four cycles the last three days. Shorai drops to 13.35 resting volts after sitting overnight. normal resting voltage after a full charge should be higher.

naturally would like to know reason for Shorai battery going dead. measured milliamp draw of zero with Fluke 87V between battery and ground. No parasitic drain of any kind on R80G/S, unless drain is intermittent.

did a few 150 amp load tests on Shorai LFX36, which it passed without a hiccup. will do a full discharge cycles to find out total amp hour capacity after recovering from 6.5V.

the last few days before battery went dead. had been working on dialing in a Bean with points, experimenting with different ignition advance settings. every time front cover has to come off, battery has to be disconnected to prevent dead short. with all that battery cable moving around. problem could have been caused by all the recent activity.

more to come...

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