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So after riding around Hwy 1 in Marin I'd finally ticked over the miles I needed and headed over to Hattar Motorsports in San Rafael for the first service. Wow--what an amazing space:

If there is such a thing as mechanophilia, this place would be heaven.

The good news--when my bike was done they told me not to baby it anymore or the valves would NOT seat properly. "Beat the hell out of it, it's ready" is what they said. I gladly obliged. What I didn't realize is how impossible it is in/around cities to actually beat the hell out of it. It's loud as hell (they started a Termi-piped 1199 for me and though deeper, was no louder than mine), and FUCK this thing makes insane power. Getting on the freeway I took it up to around 10k rpm and almost looped it, the power spikes around 8k and then all the fury of hell is released shortly thereafter. It's ferocious and sublime. I was blown away.
Im still working on reading the whole rr, but I just wanted to comment on Hattar Motorsports. They are hands down the best dealer Ive ever worked with. I bought my Streetfighter there last year and Valarie (sp?) was great with getting me approved for a loan and getting all the paperwork done( it was my first new vehicle purchase, I was 19). When I picked it up the service manager went thru all the buttons and computer stuff and then told me to, "Treat it nice for 100 miles, then beat the piss out of it increasing your revs 1000rpm/100miles."
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I swear to God that I will beat you senless with a Sanka can before I die.
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