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I should be kegging the Pre Prohibition Pils this weekend. We took all six row malt with 30 percent rice and cluster hops and brewed a nice five percent lager. These were the most common ingredients, along with corn, that they had to brew with back then. The six row malt was not very efficient so they had to use a lot of it to get any alcohol. This caused problems because the husk from all that malt would make the beer dark and give it an astringent taste. They finally discovered that rice and corn could be converted using the enzymes in six row malt. (Six row has more of these enzymes than two row does.) By using 30 to 40 percent adjucts the beers could easily hit their targets and they were golden in color and tasted much better. So for those that think American breweries use adjucts because they're cheaper, you now know it was a way to brew a European style beer using what they had.

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