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Originally Posted by RockyDS View Post
The background to my story is pretty much the same and Yukon Yamaha told me the same as they told George. Also there were a lot of leaking fork seals in Whitehorse. I spoke to my local dealer earlier today and he is requesting Yukon Yamaha to submit a claim to Yamaha and reimburse me. We'll see what happens.
Often when determining the warrantability of a product failure a some basic questions will prove to be a good litmus test for a legit claim. You basically need to convince Yamaha that the part was defective.

One, was there an outside influence that contributed to the failure?

Two, had the unit exposed to abnormal, commercial, severe or racing conditions?

Three,was the failure just simply “Fair wear and tear”?

Often your bigger/better performing dealerships will get a monthly allocation of credit to use as “good will” towards issues that do not meet the definition of the warranty. Also, big dealers say like a Honda Power House dealer may have pre approval authority to perform repairs without waiting on the factory rep to review and approve the mess. Those claims are still reviewed by the factory, but the dealership may have some wiggle room if they move a lot of product. Yeah, there is politicts between the factories and dealers.

From my vast off road experience, I’ll bet if the fork seals were cleaned of dirt either on or off the bike, they would function correctly. Does that mean that the seals were/are defective? That depends on who defines “defective”…and that generally ain’t the customer. Your dealer may just eat the repair cost to avoid the whole damn hassle bewteen you, him and the factory, some call it the cost of doing business. Some call it other things.

Of course the real fun comes in the form of a recall. Say in six months the factory has a recall on all Super Tenere's due to premature failure of the fork seals. Well good luck trying to get the money you paid back for your repair.
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