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Thank you, excellent comment. I found another site that put to sea many of my other hopes:

Noteworthy items:

1) The sea ice is not fully hard at any particular time, which would make a motorcycle crossing impossible
2) Chukotka is the only Russian state that still requires Soviet-style permissions to enter, cross, etc. While entry into Provideniya is allowed, it seems like you would need a minder or some manner of communication with the state government, which would be difficult

Further, from some of those custom Russian vehicles on Youtube you can see some of the non-permafrost tundra areas aren't rock but essentially ground floating on water. That would be physically impossible to cross without flotation tires and a 3+ wheeled vehicle. If expansive, I don't see a feasible way to cross without a purpose built 4x4 (or 6x6) flotation, amphibious vehicle:
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