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Originally Posted by arraflipper View Post
You aren't the only wuss, this heat makes for a long day, and shortened rides, Gabby.

I don't have riding boot, but wear a size 16 Buster Brown's so if the foot swells up let me know which shoe you need. When I was in high school rode with a full cast on my right leg. That is till my mother caught me. The bike's kick starter was stripped so I would let it roll down a hill to start the bike at home. Sounds like you have been around a little so can probably take it and give it right back so you should do fine on this place.
I can't imagine riding with a full cast! When I was in high school, I had moved up from two-wheeled bike by Schwinn to four My next two-wheeled transportation wasn't until 2005. If I'd known how much fun it would be, I wouldn't have waited 40 years.

Yeah, I've been around the block a time or two...just not this particular I took some ribbing about my scoot, until the ribbers realized that I could keep up with the big boys. Now I'm just one of the guys, with a few mods.
You'll never see a motorcycle/scooter outside a psychiatrist's office.
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