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A quick note about dinner Saturday

Looking forward to seeing & riding (and eating & drinking) with all of you again!

A few comments about Saturday's dinner:

  • The Saturday dinner is a fundraiser; last year the CroMag Campout generated $1275 in donations for the VT Food Bank. In light of all the destruction we got to see while riding around the state that weekend it was a no-brainer to send it their way. Thanks to everyone who pitched in: I will bring the terrific thank-you letter we received from the VT Food Bank folks and put it up in the pavilion for you all to read.
  • We're going to continue to donate the money raised from this meal to the Food Bank; they help 1 out of 7 Vermonters every year. Seems like a good cause to me.
  • We are requesting a $20 donation for dinner (to save confusion, this is separate from Clark's registration fee). You can either pitch it into the jar we will place at the start of the buffet line or make a donation on-line to the VT Food Bank and bring the confirmation email they will send you to the campout.
  • My wife & I donate the food; every dollar in the jar goes to the food bank, and your donation is tax deductible.

  • About the meal:
  • We are Serv-Safe certified and members of an amateur competition BBQ team (think "BBQ Pitmasters", except more photogenic).
  • In order to feed 80-100 people in a timely fashion in the middle of a state park in VT we try to keep it simple but satisfying; here is what we'll have to offer:
  • All you can eat pulled pork BBQ sandwiches
  • Brisket chili (best ever)
  • corn bread
  • slaw
  • Brownies or watermelon for dessert
  • For vegetarians we will have spicy black bean burgers and vegan red beans & rice
  • We have a close friend who has a gluten sensitivity; as a result we've become pretty good at GF cooking; if that is an issue for you PM me and we can accomodate.
Thanks in advance to all of you who have signed up; if you ahve any questions about the dinner hit me up and I will answer them!

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