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The wife has an Odyssey in her KLR and I am completely impressed. No mater how long the bike has been sitting it always cranks over and it has been in her bike going on 6 years. When the current old tech battery dies in mine I will put an Odyssey in my bike as well.
To provide an update, it is two years later. Last time my wife's KLR was ridden was September last year. When we got back in I ran the engine with the petcock shut until the float bowl ran dry (we were taking a 5 week vacation in October) to winterize the bike. Today I put in fresh gas and that 8 year old Odyssey battery still had more than enough cranking power to spin the starter for the 30 seconds it took to refill the float bowl and start the engine. That's over 30 seconds of full cranking power on an 8 year old battery that has been sitting for 10 months, through a winter of below freezing temperatures.

That is why an Odyssey is worth the price.

My KLR had a new in Sept 2008 "flooded" battery. Back in June I had charged the battery and taken a few rides before we went on a 3 week vacation. That battery, not yet 4 years old was deader than a doornail when I returned.

Based on the experience with the wife's bike I got an Odyssey for my bike, from Happy Trails - Tim sells it as a kit with the longer battery cables that are plumbed for two accessory circuits, foam tape to wrap around the Odyssey to make a tight fit, a Battery Tender jumper cable complete with it's own fuse, and a laminar battery cover - for only a few bucks more than my local Battery+ was going to charge.
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