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Jim and Alex are pretty fantastic folks. I met up with them shortly after they left you, at the Hells Canyon rally.

I think I remember them mentioning your bike and its many problems, actually... hahaha. Small world.

California is killer with camping fees. For $30 a night I expect a dive motel with, at the least, some sort of bed and an endless supply of hot water, not setting up my own tent and camping on the ground. That's what happens when your state runs out of money for parks, I guess.

It's great to see your skills evolving over the course of this RR! As stupid as it sounds, even though the bike falls over a lot, it's at least not something that you're paranoid about anymore. I imagine if it falls over, you'll go "Oh, not this again..", where with me? I've never had a get-off at speed on this bike yet, so I'm a lot more cautious even in areas where I have no need to be. I'm slowly gaining confidence, and chasing people with a lot more skill than I have seems to be a great way to build it.

I'm a bit jealous of the mushroom picking, to be honest! I'd love to do something like that, I even have an ebook copy of a really good field guide to edible mushrooms, but I'm always leery about misidentification.

Lucid dreaming is fun. For the most part, every time I go lucid I am faced with the choice of forgetting it's a dream and continuing, or waking up though. I am not entirely sure why my brain does this. I mostly don't bother much these days, though I'd like to get back into it at some point. It's nice to see somebody else who is into meditation and such on here. Also another vegetarian, yay!

The "Very unearthly flower" is mullein. It has a number of medicinal uses, and is also fairly flammable.

Ride on, sister! I'd like to meet up at some point but we'll see how that goes, it's hard for me to plan anything these days...

I'll keep an eye out though!
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