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Originally Posted by epix1718 View Post
Anyone have this helmet and wear glasses? Opinions on comfort with glasses?
I know its been a few months, but for others...

I wear thin framed titanium framed glasses and find them difficult to put on and off with this helmet, more so than with three other helmets. Perhaps part of that is snug fit, but it fits no more snug than the too-vintage shoei full face it replaced.

I wish this didn't have D-rings but rather a quick release. I am finding it very inconvenient to take off gloves to fiddle with glasses and the D-rings, each time I want it off my head for a few minutes while stopping / photographing / etc. Probably this wouldn't be an issue without glasses.

Other than glasses I find:

Vents ok, I like that the screen stays up a bit if I flip it up a bit, this eliminates fogging in slow humid conditions. It works better than I had expected in the rain but I don't have much to compare it to there.

Also, I know its light for a full face helmet but I suffer neck fatigue when riding slow rocky roads due, I think, to the weight. I also have to move my head a lot, especially when offroad, due to the poorish lower peripheral vision it offers, I actually can't see my speedo cluster without moving my head, further contributing to neck fatigue as I check downward.

The bill catches the wind for me, but mostly during checks and these aren't as much of a problem since I'm moving under 45 most of the time. I would be a problem for me in traffic at 65. It also does this on down checks, which I really resent as I have excellent peripheral vision and this helmet really cuts it, some to the sides but more so downward. The bill and pointy nose catch cross winds, and this has been a problem in severe cross winds and I've reduced highway speeds due to it.
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