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work in progress

This was after first shakedown ride:

Great success!

I had a problem with the rear brake. It was sticky and didn't want to let go, was braking all the time. I tried to fix it with a friend of mine. First off, the air bleed valve was broken and rusted in place. We tried to drill it and turn it out with this fancy left thread tool for broken screws. We got as far as braking the tool. Than we tried to bleed it out thru the brake lane screw. Not a good idea. We dismantled the whole thing, pumped the cylinders out, cleaned them from rust and shit, put the whole thing back together and guess what, no change. Luckily he had the same Honda FT500 laying in pieces in he's garage. He decided to lend me his rear brake. We put it on, bleed it out and... you guessed it, no change. The brake was still on all the time. We ended up swapping the whole master cylinder assembly.

The next day I had more shakedown action scheduled - riding 2up 100km to my special lady's family. I deliberately planned the route thru B, C, D and forest roads.

It worked out just fine. Was able to run steady 50-70km/h on fire roads. On the tarmac 100km/h was perfect, could cruise at 120km/h but it's no fun without a wind shield. I'm 186cm tall and I'm of NOT an athlete posture, so at those speeds I get really tired sitting upright.

To help me navigate I invested 16 EUR in a second hand, first generation TOMTOM GPS. It was missing the mounting bracket, had a fucked up charger and was a size of a medieval cathedral. I know there are people out there paying more for a GPS system and a special adventure Touratech handlebar bracket with a special adventure Touratech rain cover than I paid for the whole bike. If you don't have what you like, you have to make it yourself. Or at least I do it myself.

I strap it on the front brake master cylinder reservoir and duct tape the speaker and charger socket, so it's waterproof. Works like a charm. And if I brake it, it will cost me a good dinner in a restaurant to get another one like this, ha!
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