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Purchased both Honda 2013 Models

Metropolitan for wife in white- OTD cost approx 2,400, the bump ^ delaer handling & prep . could have done better had Irealized buying a new scoot is no different then buying a new car....Am located in Maryland...

PCX 150 in red for me- OTD cost approx 3,900 breakdown: MSRP + title, taxes tags, & delaer "surcharges"

Both with 1.9% Honda financing deal good till end of month...

The availbiltiy of these scooters appears to be elusive though I'd say from reading other posts plunking down the $500 deposit seems to produce one sooner.... maybe my imagination, just sayin

Havent taken delivery yet, will pick them up Monday. I've never owned a motorized vehicle unless counting wife's Schwinn Tailwind ebike.. I'm avid MTB rider --any form of 2 wheel transport is appealing... I test rode the Met, it sold me on a Scooter. never did on PCX .... when they told me the "uncrated one today" I told the to hold it.

I'll post more on them as time progresses......
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