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Originally Posted by DandyDoug View Post
A Burgman is high on my interest list along with maybe the BMW C650GT if they ever get here.

Who can shed some light on the usability of a Maxi in the tight twisty bits ?

How does the engine braking ( off throttle ) effect the machine ?

What about the cornering clearance ?
( all that plastic looks expensive if it gets scuffed up)
I can speak to the Burgman 650 on this.
It does fine in the tight twisty bits. Even the Ducati mechanic who put my new rear tire on thought it handled pretty good.
I believe it is a bit heavier than your BMW; however the weight is quite a bit lower. You can also move your feet around, for instance I tend to tuck 'em back when doing twisties, & stretch 'em out when cruising. Depends on how you fit the bike of course.
The 650 does engine braking, it's effectively always in "gear" above 10mph or so, & sometimes below if you're putting along. You can impact engine braking a bit using the manual shift feature & the "power" button (which increase RPMs & power @ the expense of fuel economy).

Yup the plastic can be pricey. the left hand side has a warning device called the "center stand" mine's a bit scraped. The right does not have one, but it leans over pretty good. It's limit is a bit past mine so far so no real worries.
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