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Originally Posted by Ross1969 View Post
Why did you put the bike on a pallet and blocks to remove the wheels - it has a good centre stand that just needs a bit of wood under it to lift the whole bike off the ground.

Hey the bike is not ugly - I have 3 FTs.
I put it on the pallet so I could tie it to something. I needed it to keep stable while I was abusing it with power tools.

It's a mater of taste, for me that front light contraption is just out of space. It's to high for starters, and that piece of plastic stuck underneath just to cover the horn and some cables is lame and plane ugly. The overall balance of the bike is distorted by very light and tall front compared to the fat and full of plastic fantastic rear.

But I like the bike for what's underneath, there's a lot of potential.

Just look at those beauties:

Badges?! What badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!
Honda FT500 scrambler build thread
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