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i have been working around a lot of bikes over the past few years. I've sold a couple of the worlf's and stopped working with CCW. the wolf is a classic looking reliable bike that honestly shifts like a dream. it is a bike that will get you a lot of looks. although the engine may not be as large as the CCW the Taiwanese bike is far superior in my opinion. when one fellow showed up at the shop with tha misfit, we managed to take it around for a spin. the front end was loose and the forks came from the factory with a slight bow in them. the breaks felt off and the front end just didnt feel right at all. with the chinese engine, getting it tuned properly is a bit of a hassle and a job that is not set for the beginner mechanic. what looks to be a shiny metal cover on tha misfits engine is in all actuality a pretty cheep piece of plastic. now back to the wolf. SYM has been working with honda for about 30-40 years, building engines and small motorcycles,.the engine on this thing is built to beyond common expectation. along with this i can honestly say it is one of the smoothest shifting bike i have ever dealt with. for $200 less it is a lot more bang for the buck
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