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Originally Posted by 2Stamp View Post
RR, I drove right past you and your camp Saturday morning ( yes I waved) in a silver Toyota Taco. It was a great weekend to be in the mountains. I didn't get to ride, we were hiking and doing some stream and pond surveys for the FS.

Oh sweet! Yeh I remember. At that spot I literally only saw 1 jeep, a side by side, and your Taco. That was it for traffic. I thought for sure it would be super busy but nope. I met a few other riders out on the trail. They told me about Motoutah. It really was a great day for me, I did most of the single track in that area including all of the center trail 009.
here are some pics.


The screen shot I took to guide myself.


Sweet drop tank!!!!! It must have droppen in the winter bc there was almost no damage. Would love to haul it out and make a flats car...

Some singletrack stoke

I had a great time! I love primitive camping and the cool temps up there. Was really nice to get out of SLC.
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