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Originally Posted by P B G View Post
I'm wagering that some of the off flavors are probably due to sulphur agents from a hot fermentation.

An old trick is simply that copper in presence of some oxygen will undergo a mild reaction. Since you have those odors, and you are debating pitching the beer in whole, I would recommend trying it.

I've heard of people stripping copper wiring as well, but I am thinking food safe product is probably the way to go.

The reaction is assuming the odor is coming from a sulphide, which reacts with copper and drops out of suspension. Usually I would then rack off, but in a Keg I'd probably just push off a beer or two before sampling to clear out the bottom (like people who use gelatine finings in the keg)
I'll give it a try. That is new data to me, but like you said, if the option is to toss it, whats the harm? I'll let you know how it goes. If it works out I owe you one.
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