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We headed out to Sipi Falls the next day and from there towards Murchison’ Falls. For us it turned into an unusual experience – our first national park where we were ALLOWED to enter with our motorbikes. *Game viewing on bikes is a strange experience, coming up close to elephants, buffalo and Lion makes your mind race and keeps your hand not too far from the throttle …

Nothing like a Mirinda on a hot day, but beers is better

On our way to the park Elsebie’s bike decided to call it quits and stop. It’s bloody hot in the sun and while getting the entire luggage off the bike I remembered Johan a good friend and Dakar aficionado mentioning a while ago to me if the bike stops for no reason check the fuel pump first. Apparently whoever supplied the fuel pumps to this model bike wanted to make up some cost and the wire supplying the power was a mm or two to short so eventually it just vibrates off. It was still attached by the plastic insulation on first inspection the wire still looks in good shape just have to wiggle it and it just comes off.

Where's the matches honey, I want to burn a Beemer?

The roads in the park closer to the river areas were quite sandy and both Elsebie and I had our share of falls and ‘bush bashing’! *All good and fun but tiring and thirsty work, luckily we found a beer or two and some local company before we took the ferry back to the camping site. *We camped on the banks of the river only to realise later that evening while taking a wash in the river there’s hippos in a pool just 50 meters up from us. We chatted till late that evening having the freedom to ride around in game parks and enjoying a country where you can get up close and personal with animals. The camps in the parks also do not have fences and baboons and hyenas stroll through the camp at night.

Heeeere kitty kitty!!
The best way to watch game is by standing

There's lions and leopard in the park, I had a leopard run out infront of the bike but no luck scaring lions with our bikes.

How it is suppose to be, sort out your own way around the park

Biiiltong!! What they call in the USA beef-jerky?

Just love it!!

We tried to stay clear of the animals because of our loud exhaust on the bikes, we also tried to keep the rev's low. It eventually turned out they were not in the least worried or scared by our bikes or the noise.

Hippo tracking

Beer for lunch in the delta and its ice cold!

Yes I know I was looking for the Rare yellow speckled bearded Cape flying Squirrel when this donkey came pass.

More biltong, there's no better feeling being this close to Buffalo and viewing them from the bike!!

Came back from buying some beers before we head back on the ferry to find this lot tearing up the trees
Before we got on the ferry back to Murchinson falls,we had plenty of time chatting to some locals. They are all impress with these huuuge bikes. And this guy could not help himself, he had to try it. In the end he rode the bike onto the ferry with great flair and cheers from the others, I have yet to see a man with a bigger grin on his face.

Charlie and Ewan wanabee

Uganda is a dirty dusty place, but we love it.

Dusty ZA boobs!

Our camp just above Murchisons falls, it was suppose to be a camp site but I doubt it has seen a camper for the last couple of years.This is what makes Uganda such a stunning destination for overlanders, you can camp nearly everywhere without listening to your next door neighbour farting and beating his wife as in some SA site.

Wild camping at Murchisons falls. We had to trek a laager, hippo hole about 100 meters up river

Murchsinson's falls quite an impressive place

In a small town called Masindi we stayed over before heading South to Fort Portal. The local hotel is a real treat, the look and feel is proper colonial style with waiters in black trousers and white shirts and white gloves galore. For around 4USD p/p we could use their lapa to sleep and the food in the restaurant was cheaper than we could do ourselfs.

The weird thing at this pace was the statues they had under the veranda. Why it was done like this and if the artist had a fettish for toursist only he would know.

Masindi camping

Explain this?
The size is about right, except it's a midget size statue.

will continue part 2

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