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Day 4

Day 4...Bristol, VA to Ashville, NC. A good day of 350 miles.

We hit up IHOP for some food. I don't often have pancakes but when you're at IHOP, it almost seems like a sin not to.

Yet again, another beautiful you can see in the photos.

and we soon come across a road we have never traveled, although we've ridden around this area many times. Route 421. It is awesome.

simply gorgeous...i love it.

notice, they have no ethanol in their gas! perfect. i wish more stations would at least offer this. i'm sure many riders would pay for it.

wanna race?

couple random Indians at the country store.

our next stop.. i just could not get over how awesome the weather was this week. first week of june in TN/NC and we were having low/mid 70 temps, slightly breezy, and thousands of friendly clouds. doesn't get better than this.

we found a little note left for the 2 of us.

209 south is AWESOME...very tight, very twisty, and very smooth. no traffic. i didn't get a chance to take my camera out on this section.

these tires have amazing traction, and were wearing very evenly...

Disappointment. It was Tuesday.

that sucks.

Oh, well. No biggie...because we were heading to the Blue Ridge Parkway of my favorites.

here we take a break and regroup. Tony thought I was riding a tad bit too fast; I thought I was riding reasonably (fast in the corners and within 5mph of the speed limit in the straights). We settle on him taking off a few minutes before me so I can catch up later. Works for me.

There should be more of these signs on the roads we often travel.

since we didn't go through Deal's Gap this year, Tony took an action shot of me. Too bad by the time I came back around, there were cars driving ahead of me. Notice my awesome LED lights. They were flawless.

OMFG....dinner time, finally. We are absolutely starved. We settle on this little joint.

my mouth is watering just thinking about this meal. they were the absolute best hush puppies i've ever had, and I've had quite a few during the years living in Atlanta, GA.

it was so good, I decided to have another. yea I know, a bit excessive, but it all made sense in my mind at the time.

and now, time to finally head back to the little motel, adjust my chain (again), and pass out for the night. what a great day of riding today.
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