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Airhead BUB 40mm exhaust

So I got this BUB 40mm exhaust, and I don't have an Airhead anymore, I figured I would spread the word on here before throwing It up on EBAY. It's not a true 40mm exhaust, it flares out to 40mm, It fit my stock 84 RT, It could use a paint job, high temp black....or silver, has a little surface rust couple scuffs, not bad at all, nothing you would notice with fresh paint... a few minor dents on one side where the first twist is coming out of the head, not bad, someone of greater skill than myself could probably get them out, or mostly out at least. I have no seen this exhaust on any other airhead In the real world, or on the inter-tubes. A friend of mine has the chrome bub slip ons but thats about It, and those are the only ones I've seen of chrome. The exhaust has one crossover, I have clamps and hangers, stainless, I may be missing one of the smaller ones for the crossover, not that you can't get one or anything. At any rate, I would like to unload this exhaust, I am aware that a NEW stainless exhaust goes for around 800 bucks, an ugly 2-1 for around 300, and from Bobs BMW a full exhaust looks to be shy of 1000 bucks, 2005 prices. Anyhow, I would like to get SOMETHING for It, It's a neat rare piece of airhead aftermarket history, and It looks and sounds cool. Send me an email with a serious offer if interested, otherwise I'll throw It to the dogs on Ebay hehe=D is the easiest way to get a hold of me. Thanks and check out the vid
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